My values

I put the environment at the heart of my daily life and my creations.

Both in what I don't show (repairing, using second-hand materials, donating, recycling) and in what I do show: buying locally and with solidarity, recycled materials, responsible suppliers, using my fabric scraps...

It's unthinkable for me to throw away something I can still use, something that could be useful to me or to someone else. Many of my appliances are second-hand: telephone, computer, keyboard, printer, sewing machine... 


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Packaging and shipping

I don't overwrap your orders! I use envelopes and packages that are made in France and Europe, mostly from recycled cardboard. I walk to the post office and do 1 or 2 shipments a week.

I slip tissue paper inside your packages. If I need to add extra protection like bubble wrap, it comes from my own stock, gathered over the years and the packages I've received!

The envelopes delivered with the prints are made in Europe out of tracing paper. 



All brooches are made exclusively from fabric scraps, either from other collections or from my own stock (yes, I have a drawer full of little scraps of fabric!). 

The iron-on vinyl used for the bubble brooches is made in France.


Wooden pins

All the wooden items I propose are made with FSC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests in Europe. I always try to find the manufacturer closest to my home, which is why my pins are currently made in Spain. The pins in the Tropicolor collection were made in England, before they left the EU. The pins are sent to me without excess packaging. 



They are printed in France. The printing company has a responsible approach, and uses no excess packaging. The stickers are partly (23%) made from recycled plastic bottles.



My prints are made in France (except for the Lemur notepad and old collections), by printing companies who have a responsible approach. Items are sent to me without excess packaging. The paper comes from sustainably managed forests, respecting biodiversity, soil and water. The inks used are more ecological, as they emit fewer chemical emissions.

Prints: printed in France, on recycled paper.

For notepads: printed in France.

*For Lemur notepads: printed in Europe and made from recycled paper. Part of their price is donated to an association working to protect lemurs.

For older print collections: they are made in Europe or in France, with different types of paper. This is always specified on the product sheets.

Screen printing

I screen print in a workshop in Lyon, using water-based inks. The workshop is shared and reuses all the screens. I produce in (very) small quantities, so once my design is printed, my screen is cleaned and will be reused by other artists. 



The materials I use 

I want to be as transparent as possible about the materials I use. All my supplies come from Europe. 

My fabrics are bought locally in stores or at the market. Some also come from solidarity stores or donations. The fashion industry is not the most environmentally friendly, so I try to use only the quantities I need to avoid excess. I reuse fabric scraps as much as possible, especially to create brooches.

The zippers are second-hand. They come from a solidarity store, whose sales help the most underprivileged in Lyon's aera. They're all different, and I often can't find two that are the same! They're all washed before being sewn onto my creations. 

The paper I use for screen printing is made in France. Other papers, such as self-adhesive paper, textured paper and tracing envelopes, come from Europe (mainly Germany). 


Are you an artist too? I've got a document that lists a bunch of French and European suppliers, to help you opt for local manufacturing! It'll save you hours of research. 🤗