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Who's *Leegloo?

We don't know each other yet? Hello!
I'm a graphic designer since 2015, creator of cute and FUNctional accessories and animal-food illustrator.

Since 2010, I've been a self-taught seamstress, working meticulously. Over time, I've surrounded myself with experienced professionals who inspect my creations from every seam: it's a real credit to have their compliments on my work, because they're just as rigorous as I am when it comes to quality finishes.

My creations are thought for all big kids who, like me, love to surround themselves with cuteness. I mix all my skills to create unique pieces or very limited edition. 🌈 

I come from an Alsatian and Malagasy family. This mix of backgrounds inspires me a lot in my work. If you see lemurs turned into pretzels, it's normal! 🥨

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